Dishwashing Liquid

Crustle Ent +Crustle Silang  now offers #DIY dishwashing liquid kit (gel type foaming agent) for only 380 pesos.

The kit includes:

Gel type foaming agent (500 grams for calamansi and 1 kilogram for lemon)
Bubble enhancer (CDEA)
Degreaser agent (TEA + LABS)
Colorant (green, yellow)
Scent/ fragrance (calamansi, lemon)
Antibac (antibacterial agent)
Industrial salt (thickening agent)

Depending on the amount of water, the kit yields to 11-15 liters of quality dishwashing liquid products.

If you want to learn how to make dishwashing liquid, just visit our facebook page :

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How To Make Dishwashing Liquid

Soon, we will offer a new type of raw material in flakes form.